Administration of Injections

Our trained pharmacists can administer a wide variety of medications and vaccines by injection. Pharmacists can inject almost any medication or vaccine intramuscularly (into the deltoid muscle) or subcutaneously (into the fatty tissue under the skin). Injection services are available for individuals of age 7 and older. Fees apply for most injections and prescriptions are required for some products. For more information, please ask one of our pharmacists.

Examples of available injections (some require prescription):

Seasonal influenza vaccine

Pneumococcal vaccine

Travel vaccines

Medications such as Vitamin B12, Depo-Provera

COVID-19 vaccine


Injection services are available by calling us to make an appointment or walk-in.

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About Pharmacie Dufresne

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Book Appointments

To book an appointment for the Flu (5 yrs and up) shot, click here for our online booking portal.

To book an appointment for the Moderna (30yrs & up), Pfizer (12 - 29yrs) or Pediatric (5 - 11yrs) COVID-19 vaccination, please contact us at: 204-878-4122

To book any other Vaccinations, Health Clinics or Travel Consultations contact us at:204-878-4122