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Travel Health Consultations

Travel Health Consultations

We offer a comprehensive appointment-based travel health clinic to suit your needs before you travel. This service allows our pharmacists to provide you with personalized recommendations to minimize the risk of illness or injury during and after your trip, and to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible. Several factors are considered when providing advice: length of trip, chosen destination(s), your health and experience, planned activities, etc. We can offer recommendations for specific vaccines, medications to bring along, safe food and water handling, personal safety, emergency travel insurance, etc. We are always prepared to answer any questions you may have.

There is a fee for this service. Ask your pharmacist for more information.

Please note: Appointments should be booked at least 6 weeks in advance of your intended travel. If you are attempting to book an appointment and you have less than 6 weeks before your travel, please call us immediately instead of booking an appointment online. This will direct you to more immediate service, if possible.

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Health Advice

We're proud to be a valued part of your healthcare team. Whether you're at home or at your pharmacy, we are committed to providing you with Advice for Life.

About Pharmacie Dufresne

Pharmacie Dufresne is owned and operated by Cécile Dumesnil. Please visit or contact us at:
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Phone: 204-878-4122
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